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Several years ago I was at a party with my high school classmates when a friend and I started a conversation about me joining Paparazzi Accessories. I quickly declined because as I told her, I am not a salesperson.
Years passed and once again I was at another party with friends and high school classmates when my friend Andrea McDaniel Sasnett approached me and told me about the opportunity to sell Paparazzi Accessories and she thought I would be great at it and once again I declined but this time I declined because there was NO WAY I could sell $5 jewelry.
A few weeks passed and I was attending a Pinterest convention in Atlanta with my daughter and another high school classmate when I passed a vendors booth that had Paparazzi Accessories for sale. I couldn’t believe my eyes and excitedly asked the owner if I could touch her products and she politely said yes. As I touched and inspected each piece I was amazed at the quality and detail that was put into the development of each piece. My life quickly changed as I grabbed my daughter and told her how awesome I thought the jewelry was and I HAD TO BECOME A CONSULTANT!! With my phone now in my hand I immediately contacted Andrea and told her I was signing up as a consultant.
It has been several years now and I still get so excited with the New Releases that come out almost daily. The anticipation of the most trendy, detailed and absolutely gorgeous pieces that I have access to for an incredible price and the opportunity to create my life and my income as I want is Priceless.

If you're looking to make some extra cash or possibly create something full-time contact me! We make 45% commission on the pieces that we sell for $5 and your income is what you make it! 

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