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Being a small business owner you must wear a lot of hats and one of the most important hats you must wear is the Director of Marketing so your business can be found. Customers who find a brand through Google My Business listing are  50% more likely to make a purchase. You have what people need and they are looking for you. Let's help new friends find your business and increase your traffic and sales by setting up your easy and FREE Google My Business account that could get you at the head of the page. 

In this video, I show you step by step how to set up your Google My Business profile and this can work for any direct sales or any business whatsoever. The main thing is the use of keywords. For this demonstration, I am going to use jewelry because I have a jewelry store but no matter what business you have whether it is cosmetics or perfume, candles, whatever; find the keywords that fit your business and I'll show you how.

Benefits of setting up Google My Business

1. It's FREE

2. Increases engagement

3. Provides potential customers with important information

4. Rank higher in results

5. Free Google advertising

6. Earn Trust from customers

7. Star ratings will boost your appeal

8. Stand out from your competition

9. Show up in Google map searches

10. Increases traffic and sales

Take a deep breath, relax and let's have fun while we Easily Set up Google My Business

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