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Wreathed In Whimsicality Black Paparazzi Earrings
Let’s Take It From The POP Pink Paparazzi Ring
Break The Mold Gold Paparazzi Necklace
Holographic Aura Multi Paparazzi Bracelet
Rural Rapture Blue Paparazzi Necklace
Sorry To Burst Your Bubble Purple Paparazzi Necklace
Time Is Money Gold Paparazzi Ring - JewelTonez Jewelry
Majestic Mood Brown Paparazzi Earring - JewelTonez Jewelry
Spirit Trek White Paparazzi Necklace - JewelTonez Jewelry
Basic Backpacker Men’s Black Paparazzi Necklace - JewelTonez Jewelry
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Shipping Update

Due to COVID-19, our shipments from Paparazzi Accessories and our FedEx deliveries are backed up and delayed in delivering our orders. Orders that were arriving in 36 hours are now taking 14-16 days.  We always  ship orders as soon as we can, but please be aware that your order may take longer than usual to ship, because of these delays.  All in-stock items are usually shipped within 2 business days. 

We are taking steps to decrease your wait time by not listing items on the website until a shipping confirmation has been received and we have  additional help on the days that orders are delivered in large quantities to ensure we get your packages out the door quickly.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.